Video: Misteri Mona, Episode 6

Before watching:

  • characters involved: Ikmal, Doktor Nadim, Farah, Kak Anom
  • watch only minute 12:21 to 13:03

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Telefon berdering… (Phone ringing…)

Farah : Ikmal…

Ikmal : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Hello, I’m already in front of Dr. Nadim’s house.”]Helo, saya dekat depan rumah Doktor Nadim ni.[/su_tooltip]

Farah : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Why?”]Eh, kenapa?[/su_tooltip]

Ikmal : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Quick! There is something (important). (Come) meet me (just) for a minute. About the medicine.”]Cepatlah, jumpa saya kejap. Ada hal ni. Pasal ubat tu![/su_tooltip]

Farah : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Let’s meet later when I go home. I’m working (now)”]Eee, nanti balik, jumpa lah. Saya tengah kerja lah.[/su_tooltip]

Kak Anom : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Farah, why?”]Farah, kenapa?[/su_tooltip]

Farah : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Nothing, my friend, he’s waiting outside. “]Tak, kawan saya, dia tunggu kat luar.[/su_tooltip]

Kak Anom : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Go ahead. Maybe he has something important. It’s just for a moment, right?”]Pergi lah. Mungkin dia ada hal penting. Sekejap je, kan?[/su_tooltip]

Farah : [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”north” content=”Ikmal, wait a second, okay? I’m going outside for a moment, okay, Kak Anom?”]Ikmal, awak tunggu kejap eh? Saya keluar kejap eh, Kak Anom?[/su_tooltip]


1. Dekat/Kat = Di

You may have learned the preposition di. It used to indicate a fixed, unchanging location. Dekat and kat are more frequently used in daily conversational Malay.

2. Sekejap/Kejap = One second/minute/moment

There is a more formal form of the word sekejap, which is sebentar.

You can use sekejap or kejap just on its own. Kejap! = One moment!

3. Ada hal (penting) = There’s something (important) (to discuss)

Ada hal literally means to have (a) matter. While the direct translation does not really make sense, we say this a lot when we have something to do/tell/discuss. You can add penting to the phrase as well.

Jumpa nanti, boleh? Saya ada hal sekarang. – Can we meet later? I have something (to do) now.

Datang cepat. Ada hal penting nak bagitahu. – Come quick. I have something important (to tell you).