Ammar Kalil

Malay Language Coach/Tutor

Ammar is a Malay native speaker who is originally from a small village in Kuantan, Pahang. He went to primary school in Kuantan as well, and then entered a boarding school in Pekan, one hour from Pahang. He started learning Spanish when he was younger and took Japanese subject when he was 13 years old. 

Ammar graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University, Nashville. After graduating, he taught Malay on part-time basis while working as a chemist and later he pursued his master degree in process safety in Universiti Putra Malaysia. The pandemic Covid-19 has been a hard time for many of us and the same goes to him. During the pandemic, many people had to quarantine or work at home, therefore he noticed many people took this opportunity to learn a foreign language online. 

Up to this year (2023), Ammar has thought Malay for 4 years as a part-timer and 3 years as a full-time teacher. He is very passionate about teaching foreign languages, especially his mother tongue, Malay. He also noticed that many learning resources teach formal Malay rather than colloquial Malay, therefore he constructed his own syllabus to help students learn more practical Malay. His syllabus has helped many students to speak Malay naturally and better.


Speaks: Malay (Native), English (C2), Japanese (C1), Spanish (B1)

Teaches: Conversational Malay, Colloquial Malay, Formal Malay