Structure: AA


  1. Plural nouns are formed by duplicating the word and putting a hyphen in between the two words.
  2. Duplication is only necessary when you need to indicate plurality.
  3. When talking about a topic generally, there is no need to use the plural form of nouns.
  4. When use with numbers and quantity words, duplication is not needed.


  1. Mereka semua pelajar.
  2. Di rumah saya, ada lima ekor kucing.
  3. Boleh saya baca buku-buku ini?
  4. Banyak orang pergi ke Langkawi untuk melancong.
  5. Saya suka rambutan.
  1. They are all students.
  2. At my house, there are five cats.
  3. Can I read these books?
  4. Many people go to Langkawi for vacation.
  5. I like rambutans.

Notes: In sentence 1, 2 and 4, no duplication is needed as the word ‘pelajar’, ‘lima’ and ‘banyak’ already explain the state of the nouns being plural. In sentence 3, ‘buku’ is duplicated as it is needed to clarify that it is more than one book we are talking about. In sentence 5, ‘rambutan’ is not duplicated since we are talking about a general group of things, in this case, this particular rambutan fruits.