1. Saya – I

2. janji – to promise

Janji or berjanji means to promise. Janji can also be a noun which means (a) promise.

3. akan – will

Akan is equivalent to will in English, used to describe future actions. It is put before a verb.
When an akan verbal phrase is negated, the negation word is put before akan, not before the verb.

  1. tak akan pergi – will not go
  2. tidak akan dapat – will not get

4. dengar – to listen

5. cakap awak – what you say

Cakap here is a noun, not a verb. It refer to the words a person says.

  1. cakap cikgu – teacher’s words, what the teacher says
  2. cakap emak – mother’s words, what mother says
  3. cakap mereka – their words, what they say