1. Apa kata – What if

This is a fixed expression, so it is best not to translate it directly to English.

2. kita – we (inclusive)

In Malay, there are two different we’s; kita (inclusive) and kami (exclusive). Kita is inclusive of the listener while kami is not.

For example, assuming you are not Malaysian but my friends and I are, I can say:

Kami orang Malaysia. – We (but not you) are Malaysian.

If everyone were Malaysian, we could use kita instead.

3. tanya – to ask

Many people confused between the verb to ask (tanya) and the verb to ask for (minta). Be careful with these two!

4. diorang – they, their, them

This is the colloquial form of the pronoun mereka. Sometimes, it is also spelled diaorang.