1. Makan ya. – Go ahead and eat, okay?

Makan is a verb that means to eat.

Ya is a filler that is used just like okay in the sentence “Stay safe, okay.” Watch out the intonation.

  1. Jangan tengok, ya. – Don’t look at it, okay?
  2. Tidur nyenyak ya malam ni. – Sleep well tonight, okay?

2. Jangan – Don’t

Jangan is equivalent to don’t in English. It can be followed by a verb or an adjective.

  1. Jangan pergi. – Don’t go.
  2. Jangan takut. – Don’t be scared.

3. malu – shy, embarassed

Malu has two meanings. In this context, however, malu means shy.

Malu is duplicated in this sentence just to show the prolonged state of being shy. However, this duplication is optional. We can say Jangan malu instead.