1. Pakcik – Uncle

Pakcik means uncle. In more formal language, bapa saudara or ayah saudara is used.

In this sentence, the word pakcik is used to get the attention from the listener. We use family names like this when talking to older people to show respect, and yes, it sounds like talking about a third person.

2. saya pergi dulu – I’m going/leaving first

Saya means I, and pergi means to go.

Dulu or in more formal Malay, dahulu, means to do something first or in advance.

  1. Dia dah makan dulu. – He already ate first.
  2. Baca dulu, kemudian jawab. – Read first and then answer (the questions).

3. the filler eh

The filler eh is used to soften a question. It is equivalent to okay in English. Note the tone used for this particular eh because there is another tone that conveys different meaning. The tone used in this sentenced is somewhat short.

  1. Saya pergi dulu eh? – I’ll go first, okay?
  2. Esok bagi kat saya eh? – Give it to me tomorrow, okay?