1. paling murah – cheapest

Murah is an adjective, which means cheap. Paling is a word used in front of adjectives to indicate superlatives. This is equivalent to most or the suffix -est in English. For example,

  1. paling tinggi – tallest, highest
  2. paling mahal – most expensive

2. kat sini – here

Dekat, or shortened to kat, is the colloquial form of the preposition di which is used to indicate fixed location. For example:

  1. di dapur – in the kitchen
  2. kat sekolah – at school
  3. dekat pantai – at the beach

3. air apa – what drink

Air literally means water. However, it can also be used to refer to drinks and beverages.

Note the order of the question word apa. It is placed after instead of before the noun air. Other examples include:

  1. buku apa – what book
  2. kereta apa – what car