1. Setiap hari Isnin – Every Monday

Setiap means every, while hari Isnin means Monday. We can also omit hari when saying days of the week in Malay.

2. pukul 10 malam – 10 at night

To tell time in Malay, use pukul or jam in front of the hour. We can add the following words after the time.

  1. pagi – morning (1am – 11:59am)
  2. tengah hari – noon, afternoon (12pm-1:59pm)
  3. petang – afternoon (2pm – 6:59pm)
  4. malam – evening, night (7pm – 11:59pm)
  5. tengah malam – midnight (12am – 12:59am)

3. hanya – only

Hanya is always put in front of the focused part of the sentence.

  1. hanya saya – only me
  2. hanya yang ini – only this one
  3. I eat this only – Saya hanya makan ini, NOT Saya makan ini hanya.

4. di TV3 – on TV3

TV3 is one of the basic TV channels you can get in Malaysia.