You are joking around with a friend and all of a sudden, her face changes. She might have taken it too seriously. You can say “Saya gurau-gurau je. Jangan ambik hati.

1. Saya – I

2. gurau-gurau – to joke, kid

Bergurau means to joke or kid around.

3. je – just, only

This is the shortened form of sahaja and saja that is more used in spoken Malay. Be careful with the placement. Unlike hanya, it is placed after the part of focus in the sentence.

  1. satu sahaja, hanya satu – only/just one
  2. tulis hanya ini, hanya tulis ini, tulis ini je – only/just write this

4. Jangan – Don’t

5. ambil hati – to take something seriously

The verb ambil is pronounced ambik in colloquial Malay. Ambil hati is the expression meaning to take something to heart.