Your boss just arrive at her office and you are already working. You talk to her for a few minutes and she tells you to meet her in her office if there is anything you would like to discuss with her. She says “Nanti kalau ada apa-apa, saya ada kat dalam.

1. Nanti – later

Do not confused with the other expression Nanti!Wait!

2. kalau – if

Kalau is used more in conversational Malay while jika is used more in formal written and spoken Malay.

3. ada – there is/are

Ada has several meanings, one of them being “there is/are”, just like in English. You may hear terdapat in Malay as well, but this is used only in formal Malay.

The second meaning of ada is to have and the third meaning is to be (somewhere).

  1. Mereka ada kerja sekolah. – They have school work.
  2. Saya ada di rumah. – I am at home.

In this context, ada can either mean there are or you have (but the pronoun you is omitted).

4. apa-apa – anything

Apa is the question word what while apa-apa is a pronoun.

5. saya – I

6. dekat/kat – at/in

The colloquial version of the preposition di to mark a fixed place or location.

7. dalam – inside, in

The word dalam here refers to the boss’s office room.