A mother has to let her kids be taken care of by her good friend because she was leaving the country. The mother is sad and worried about her kids, but her friend wants her to know that she will take a good care of them. Her friend says to her “Pasal anak-anak kau, kau jangan risau.

1. Pasal – About

Pasal is the colloquial form of fasal, both giving the meaning about. You will also hear tentang being used quite often as well.

2. anak-anak – children

Anak means child (of someone). It does not refer to just a small kid, be careful. Anak-anak is the plural form of anak.

3. kau – you

Kau means you. However, be careful when using this as it is only used among friends and peers or people we are familiar with. And also, never use it to people older than we are!

Usually, the pronoun I and you are used in pair. It is either:

  1. saya – awak
  2. saya – kamu
  3. aku – engkau/kau

4. jangan – do not/don’t

5. risau – to worry, be worried

Risau is equivalent to bimbang, meaning to worry or be worried. Therefore, you can use them interchangeably.