1. Kalau – If

Another form is jika but it is more formal.

2. ada – to have

The formal form is mempunyai. Ada can also translate to to be (somewhere) and there be.

  1. Saya mempunyai masalah. – I have a problem. (formal)
  2. Ada dua ekor kucing di luar rumah. – There are/were two cats outside of the house.
  3. Dia ada di kedai. – She is at the shop.

*In case #3, ada is optional. It can be omitted.

3. masalah – problem

In Malay, ideal pronunciation is always based on how words are spelled. However, in real life conversational Malay, certain words are pronounced certain ways. Masalah is one of them.

People tend to pronounce this word as ma-sa-a-lah, meaning that there is an extra syllable a added to the word.

4. panggil – to call

Panggil can be use to mean to call.

  1. Boleh panggil saya Siti. – (You) can call me Siti.
  2. Panggil 991 cepat! – Call 991 quick!
  3. Kenapa cikgu panggil saya? – Why did you (teacher) call me?

5. saya – me

6. okay – okay

This word is used exactly how it is used in English.